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24" Turnstone Swivel Bar Chair with Fabric Seat

  • Maple/Dark Knight/#22-61 Paloma
  • Maple/Ebony/#22-60 Whiskey
  • Maple/Gunsmoke/#C2-39 Birch
  • Maple/Cocoa Light/#4-144 Alabaster

Delivery Timing - The timing of your delivery depends on your location and whether all the furniture ordered is currently in stock or will have to be custom built. All items purchased will be delivered at the same time. Add approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery of Local Zones & 6-8 weeks for Long Distance Zones.


#1- All Products are In Stock-

  • Local Zones- Delivery 1-3 weeks
  • Long Distance Zones - Delivery 6-8 weeks

#2- Some or All Products are Made To Order-

  • Local Zones - Build Time 8-10 weeks + Delivery 1-3 weeks = Total Completion - 10-12 weeks
  • Long Distance Zones - Build Time 8-10 weeks + Delivery 6-8 weeks = Total Completion 16-18 weeks

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  • Turnstone Chairs feature low backs that swivel all the way around without hitting the countertop.
  • Bar stools are standard at either 24” or 30” high at the seat. You should have a 12” drop from your counter to the seat height.
  • All color options are displayed on Maple wood.

All Chairs are available built in your choice of wood and stain or paint.

All styles are available as side chairs or with arms.

Standard seat height is 18", all chairs are also available as 24" or 30" Bar Chairs.

Bar Chairs are available stationary or with a swivel base.

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  • All of our furniture is finished with a durable, catalyzed conversion varnish. The finish is waterproof, UV resistant, and can withstand heat up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Protecting Against Scratches:

  • Cardboard boxes pick up grit from sidewalks or delivery trucks and are a common culprit for scratches on tabletops.
  • Avoid using furniture polish or pledge, abrasive cleaners, or harsh chemicals.

    Cleaners We Recommend:
  • Dish Soap & Water
  • Vinegar & Water
  • Murphy's Oil Soap