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Quick Guide to Mastering Traditional and Modern Decor Styles

Quick Guide to Mastering Traditional and Modern Decor Styles

When you love more than one home decor style, it can feel intimidating to bring them together. However, it’s a lot simpler than one would think. Here’s a quick guide on mastering traditional and modern decor styles. 

How Do I Know What Style It Is? 

Modern and traditional decor styles are on complete opposite sides of the home decor styling spectrum. In Amish furniture, traditional can mean anything from a formal style in Cherry wood to Red Oak with a warm honey stain. The common denominator in traditional seems to be in the details: elaborate trim work, beveled edges, and warm stain colors ranging from medium in Fruitwood to dark in Rich Tobacco. Modern styles, on the other hand, focus on minimalism. Clean lines, light stain colors, and muted grain patterns lend a contemporary feel. So, what should you do if your house is traditional, but you want to update it? Or if you have a new home with a sleek style, but it lacks warmth.  

Typically, the 80 percent to 20 percent ratio is a fantastic place to start; then, you can adjust your decor. It’s your choice to decide which styles best match your space and your personal preferences. The goal is to integrate traditional and modern pieces without making them feel jarring or out of place. 

Tie Pieces Together 

Depending on what style you want to go with, there are different ways to tie your items together seamlessly. If you are trying to lighten up the space, add a beautiful, traditional style but in sleek Maple wood with Cocoa Light stain, shown on the Belmont Dresser. On the other hand, the warm Dark Knight stain on the Weston style adds a cozy feel while maintaining the sleek profile. Creating a unified, put-together look can make your traditional-modern combination feel natural and purposeful. 

Determine the Mood 

When you walk through the front door, what feelings do you experience? Understanding your desired mood is an important factor in mastering traditional and modern decor styles, as it can say a lot about what your home conveys. For instance, choosing a sophisticated, classy piece with brushed metals and darker timbers can accentuate the mood if you want a more elegant, formal feeling to your home. 

Alternatively, if you want more coziness, warmth, and comfort, go with warm wood, plush rugs, and soft benches or ottomans. 

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