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Master Bedroom Refresh: Modern Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Bedroom Mood Board with Belmont King Bed

Have you been browsing all the stunning modern farmhouse homes on Pinterest and Houzz? Are you feeling inspired to update your space to reflect some of the same beauty and charm? Here are a few quick tips to add the elements of modern farmhouse design to your master bedroom.

Start with a Neutral Color Palette

Light, neutral paint colors are the starting point. Painting your walls and ceiling in a coat of white paint with warm undertones is an instant refresh. Warm whites perfectly complement natural wood tones.

The key is in the undertones of the paint. Bright whites and cool undertones lack the warmth and coziness we want to add to our bedrooms. Too much warmth and the paint may appear too beige or tan.

Test out a few paint samples in your bedroom. Pay attention to the amount of light your room receives and how it affects the colors.

Flooring Options

Many bedrooms feature wide plank, wood floors or a laminate version of the same look. Colors range from light, natural wood tones to medium dark stained floors. The key is neutral. If your vision includes a wooden modern farmhouse bedroom set, think about creating some contrast in the floor color.

Add a rug to your wood floors. The rustic grain texture of a wood floor marries beautifully with an area rug that adds coziness. For a classic look, choose a natural, jute rug. Solid colors or muted tones in the area rug add a layer of subtle texture.

Adding an area rug is also a perfect way to incorporate your choice of accent colors. A soft pattern that includes blues, greens or warm grays adds depth and interest to the space.

If you prefer to add carpeting to your bedroom floors, apply the same rule as walls and ceilings. Stick to a light colored neutral.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Now that we have set the background to complement, the fun part begins! Choosing your furniture is a major part of the overall effect. The headboard should always be the focal point of the master bedroom. Tall headboards are especially effective in bedrooms with high ceilings.

The amount of furniture you need is dependent on the size and layout of the space. Large, spacious open suites are grounded and cohesive with a full matching bedroom set. If your bedroom has only the traditional shared closet, this is a great way to add lots of storage.

In smaller bedrooms, we recommend choosing a bed with platform storage drawers built into the base. This adds the same amount of storage as a tall chest of drawers, without consuming any additional floor space!

For bedrooms with spacious walk-in closets, add the dresser or chest of drawers inside the closet. Consider having custom storage furniture made in a matching wood and style to the bed. This way you will be able to maximize your storage space while maintaining a cohesive feel.

Add a cozy accent chair in the corner for reading or an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. A decorative writing desk in a contrasting wood tone serves as convenient workspace when you need it.

Modern Farmhouse Wood Finishes

The style of the furniture is not as important as the finish color. While many modern farmhouse interiors use clean lines for a minimalist approach, that is only one option. A decorative furniture style in natural wood tones elevates the space without being formal.

In bedroom furniture, many people choose the subtle grain texture of Maple wood. This is especially perfect for styles that include decorative moulding and trim work.

In carpeted bedrooms, choose a simple furniture style, made of a rustic wood like Hickory or White Oak. The prominent grain texture adds a touch of instant warmth. For a rustic addition, consider a bed made of reclaimed wood.

Common light stain colors include Sandy Point and Cocoa Light. Darker stains include Brown Velvet, Gunsmoke, Asbury Brown, or Dark Knight.

For bedroom floors with prominent wood grain or lots of wooden base trim, choosing an upholstered bed creates rest for the eyes. Painted furniture or using a multi-step finish like Antique Valley can help prevent different wood textures from clashing.

Light Fixtures

For master suites with high ceilings, consider adding a decorative chandelier above the bed. Pendant lights hanging above the nightstands is a cozy farmhouse bedroom accent if you have a standard height ceiling. Lights are a wonderful way to add a metal accent, from classic black iron to muted gold or silver finishes.

Accent Walls

Shiplap walls are the classic accent in modern farmhouse decorating. The amazing work Joanna Gaines has done on Fixer Upper is a testament to its' popularity. White shiplap is the classic, but it is equally beautiful painted a different color. A dark painted shiplap wall in bedrooms can be the perfect backdrop for a light wooden or upholstered headboard.

Other accent wall options include board and batten, or simply choosing a contrasting paint color as a feature wall.

Finishing Touches

The bedding and pillows to complete the look are often clean and simple. Stick to light and neutral for the basics, your comforter or duvet, quilt, and the main sheet set. Bonus points for being budget friendly since this works all year long.

Neutral basics have versatility and can enhance seasonal decor. For example, you can use them to showcase Christmas pillows during the holidays. Add seasonal layers like fur blankets and cozy textures in fall and winter.

In the Spring, you can switch to a light blue or green blanket. This way, you can easily update your home decor throughout the year.

Creating a modern farmhouse bedroom can be an exciting part of building a new house. In existing homes, start small. Take one step at a time, from fresh paint on the walls or simply investing in a bed frame with added storage. Build off that to create the modern farmhouse bedroom of your dreams!

Our Customer Service

At Dutch Craft Furniture, we are happy to provide you with wood and color samples to view in the comfort of your own home. Our team will assemble a quote for any custom modern farmhouse bedroom furniture you require. We also provide a 3D photo rendering of the final result upon request.

If you have a designer you prefer to work with, we can schedule a meeting to discuss the furniture process together. This way, you can collaborate with your interior designer on the project. Let us know if you'd like to set up a meeting. We are happy to accommodate your preferences.