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Great Nightstand Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Space

Great Nightstand Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Space

Your side tables complete the focal point the bed makes in your room. Aside from keeping you organized, they are a blank slate to display your personality and add a decorative touch. Here is our guide to help you select the perfect size and style. Quick seasonal decor swaps are a breeze that keep your bedroom feeling fresh when you follow these tips.

Nightstand Styles

Nightstands come in hundreds of styles, from traditional wooden options to contemporary metal and glass versions. Consider the style and color of your bed and the wall behind it. Then select a complementary material and color for the bedside tables.

Be creative when selecting the nightstands. In large bedrooms, a complete matching bedroom suite helps the space feel cohesive and grounded. For smaller rooms, consider repurposing a living room end table or small chest of drawers as a bedside table.

Nightstands with an open shelf underneath instead of closed drawers are another great style choice for small bedrooms. The open style adds an airy feeling and makes the space appear larger.

Traditional nightstand height ranges from 24-32" high, depending on the height of your mattress. As long as the size of the table is proportionate in the space, there are many functional options.

Nightstand Features

Purchasing an Amish furniture nightstand has many benefits. Aside from the ability to select your hardwood type and stain or paint color, you can order a custom size in any style. Additional features like a hidden jewelry drawers and sliding tops are available on some styles.

For ease in managing electrical cord clutter, consider requesting an outlet built into the nightstand top or back.

We guarantee that the finish on our Amish nightstands is waterproof. This eliminates the need for a coaster to prevent water rings from your glass overnight.

Organize with Baskets & Trays

Great nightstand decor starts with the top being clutter free. Many traditional styles have three drawers to hide your belongings yet keep them at arm's length. An open base nightstand is a great place to add a woven basket for extra blankets.

Place a decorative tray on top for small items. This tray can hold items that you typically use in the bedroom at night, such as your ring and phone. It is a convenient way to keep these items organized and within arm's reach.

Alarm Clock

Your alarm clock can be both functional and decorative. Choose from vintage and traditional or sleek, modern designs.

Add Lighting

Lights are a great way to add function and express your personal style. Make sure the size of the lamp is the correct scale for your nightstands. Use warm colored light bulbs to create a cozy, relaxing ambiance that helps you unwind at the end of your day.

Table lamps in a traditional shape and neutral color blend with many bedroom styles. For a fresh, modern touch, choose a lamp with a sleek metal base. This can be a great way to add a gold or copper accent color in your room.

The lampshade is another option for personality to shine. Select a bold pattern or color to update the style in a budget friendly way.

Natural Touches

Including a vase of flowers or a houseplant in your nightstand decor adds a natural touch. Cut flowers are a great way to add seasonal touches, especially in the spring and summer months. Add a small vase with a single bloom from your garden to create a welcoming guest bedroom for overnight visitors.

Houseplants are a great way to add a long-lasting natural touch. Low light requiring houseplants like pothos or snake plant are a great option for bedrooms.


Add a stack of books for classic nightstand decor. This is another opportunity to express your personality. Display beautiful coffee table books about your favorite hobby or interest. Keeping your favorite novels close makes it easy to read when you can't fall asleep.

Browse thrift stores and antique malls for beautiful old books that double as decorative items.

Personal Items

Incorporating personal items is another way to create a comforting bedroom. Display photos of loved ones in a decorative picture frame. Showcase small treasures from places you've traveled to, like shells collected on a trip to the beach.

Displaying a favorite quote or Bible verse on your nightstand is another way to help you relax and gain perspective after a long day.

Seasonal Touches

Doing a quick seasonal refresh on your nightstand decor adds an instant update to your bedroom. Swap your usual houseplant for a mini-Christmas tree and a small ornament during the holiday season. Display fall branches gathered on a walk outside for a long-lasting autumn arrangement.

Following this guide will help you add the finishing touches to your bedside tables. Lift your bedroom from boring and ordinary. Create a welcoming atmosphere that calms and relaxes you at the end of the day.