250 Mission Hall Tree



Available for pickup or delivery in 10-12 weeks


The 250 Mission Hall Tree features a sturdy base and classic post style that organizes coats and bags wherever you need it.

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Our Hall Trees are perfect for entryways, bedrooms, or bathrooms. They come in a variety of base styles and hook options to complement your home. They are built standard with 4 hooks, however additional hooks can be added at varying heights for children of all ages.

The finish we use is heat resistant up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and completely guaranteed against water rings or moisture spots, making it very durable for everyday use. It is possible to put scratches into the finish, however, so use caution with sharp objects or those with a rough, stoneware type of underside.  

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Furniture polish and waxes may leave a residue build up on our finish. We recommend only regular cleaning with mild soap and water.

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