Live Edge Slabs


  Our collection of Live Edge Slabs lets you pick a one of a kind top in the size you want and then select your base style to complete your vision. The large slabs are popular for dining rooms and also make stunning conference tables. We offer plenty of Base Options for Dining & Conference Tables. The smaller slabs fit in anywhere you need an accent piece, living rooms, offices, entryways, or used in the kitchen as a small buffet or coffee bar. Choose from a variety of Base Options for Occasional TablesWe always have a variety of sizes in stock to choose from. The metal bases are custom made locally and can be adjusted to whatever size table you need, or choose from a variety of compatible wood bases as well. These tables are built as solid tops and will not extend with leaves.

   Most of our Live Edge Slabs are solid Rustic Walnut with a clear protective finish, although we occasionally have a few in another wood species or with a stain added. Currently we have these Live Edge Slabs - In Stock The finish we use is heat resistant up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and completely guaranteed against water rings or moisture spots, making it very durable for everyday use. It is possible to put scratches into the finish, however, so use caution with sharp objects or those with a rough, stoneware type of underside.